Flower care


7 Tips on how to enjoy your flowers longer


  • Unwrap bouquet; the bouquet has already been designed for you so leave the bouquet bound with ribbon.
  • Make sure the vase has been thoroughly scrubbed using a brush and bleach. Rince the vase well before filling the vase with water.


  • Add flower food to the clean water; the flowers will open better and last longer. Use the correct quantity.


  • Use a sharp knife to cut 1 to 2 inches off the stems at an angel.. Never break or flatten the stem: this also applies to woody stems.


  • Do not put flowers in the sun or in a draught, as they may wilt. Leaves pollute the water and reduce the life of your flowers, so remove all leaves below the water line.


  • Check the water level daily because some flowers are thirsty. Change the water of vase arrangements and bouquets every two to three days.


  •   Spray the heads of hydrangeas with water this will help the flowers to last longer.  Gerberas, Calla lilies, Hippeastrums and Anemones should only have 2 inches of water if they are designed in an arrangement on there own.

            Slit the bottom of woody stems up the center of the stems for about 2 inches.

Handtied bouquet 

Unwrap your bouquet and remove water tubes from all stems. Re-cut all stems in the bouquet. Fill a clean vase with warm water and add flower food to the water. Place the bouquet in the vase of water. Re-cutting stem may help the flower last longer.

Foam arrangements

Arrangements that are designed in foam will need to be monitored because the water level will drop. The arrangement should be watered when the recipient receives the flowers. Water the arrangement every day depending on humidity.

Vase arrangements

Vase arrangements should be topped up with water when the recipient receives the arrangement. Water the arrangement every two to three days because water level will drop as the flowers start to drink.