Happy wife happy life!


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Spend more time with love ones by automating the flower arrangement buying process. Foster romance with the consistent delivery of flowers on days you determine in advance, and eliminating the worry of ever missing a loved one’s special day. Mondu designs innovative, high quality fresh flower arrangements using our signature style of designing that make a statement. Call us at 647-428-7210 to set up a package for delivery or pick up. You can also shop online at our 24 hr online Bouquet to purchase your flower package.


Hostest gift or Job well done

Show them that you care. Express your emotions with flowers. Order an artistic bouquet today to be delivered to someone special.

From $65.00 plus taxes and delivery

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Prince charming

Charm her with flowers. We will deliver a stunning bouquet of roses or a mix bouquet to your love. Wrapped exquisitely with tissue paper and cello your bouquet will arrive on special days such as Mothers day, Valentine’s Day, Birthday, Anniversary and Women’s Day.

5 Bouquets per year $450.00 plus taxes and delivery

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Turn up the Romance, once per month a beautiful bouquet will be delivered to your sweet heart. Rekindle you love by showing her you care.

12 Bouquet per year $1080 plus taxes and delivery

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Express your love with a gorgeous bouquet. Twice per month

a bouquet will be delivered biweekly to your love.

24 bouquets per year $2160.00 plus taxes and delivery

Super man

Be the superman in her life. An exquisite bouquet will arrive every week to your sweet heart. You will receive 48 Bouquet per year $4320 plus taxes and delivery. (There will be an extra charge for months with five weeks)