On line videos of our flowers on our blog and you tube
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We now have videos on our you tube channel of some of our flowers and services. Keep checking back to our channel Mondu floral design for exciting how to videos coming in the future. Here is one of our vase arrangements. We love the vibrant color combination of colors and the richness of the over all bouquets. In this arrangement we used hydrangea, peonies, orchids and tulips.

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Vase arrangement maintenance
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Many people don’r realize that in order for flowers to last a long time that they need to have proper vase maintenance. Before putting fresh flowers in a vase make sure that the vase is clean. Putting flowers in a dirty vase will shorten the vase life by 2 to three days.

Step 1 Always wash your vase with bleach and wince the vase well before putting your bouquet in the vase. If access bleach is left in the vase the flowers will die fast.

Step 2. Fill the vase with water and add flower food.

Step 3.Place the flowers in the vase.

Step 4. Wince the vase every 2 to 3 days.



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Backdrop for weddings and events in toronto
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No matter what the event or occasion we can design a beautiful backdrop for you to suit your needs. A backdrop is basicly draping or a frame at the back of the head table at a wedding or special area at an event that you want to emphazise. You can add flower, lights,plants etc to your backdrop.

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How to take care of summer planters
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When it comes time to planting summer plants here are somethings to consider.

  1. Before you buy plants research what type of plants are ideal for the location you will be planting the plants. Not all plants take full sun so if you have a shady area don’t buy full sun plants because they won’t bloom.
  2. Chose plants that compliment each other. Your planter will be stunning if you use 2 of the same colors rather that a whole bunch of colors.
  3. What the type of soil is ideal for the planter. Use soil that is compatible with the plants you will use in the planter to help the plants thrive.
  4. Most summer planters will need to be watered every day but if you plant a succulent garden don’t over water the plants because to much water will course the plants to root.

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The peony flower
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The peony was cultivated not only for its flowers, but particularly for its roots. According the Chinese it could be used to reduce fever and clot blood. eyes.

The peony’s colors and shapes
There are more than 1000 varieties of peonies available in all sorts of shapes and colors. They come with a single row of petals, or with semi-double or double flowers. Peony comes in pale yellow, romantic, candy pink or dark red.  This flowers has a beautiful smell and will fill a room with a beautiful fragrance.

Caring for peonies

Trim 5 cm off the stem diagonally with a sharp knife.

1.Use a clean vase and fill it with fresh water.

2.If your peonies are thirsty top up the vase.

3.Don’t place the vase in a drought, in full sun or near the fruit bowl.

Peony symbolism
The peony represents love, happiness and health.

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4 ways to decorate with draping
Posted by: webedit on June 12, 2017 | Comments Off on 4 ways to decorate with draping

What are the areas in a wedding or event that are decorated

1 Backdrop

a backdrop is decoration or draping that is set up using fabric, flower, beaded crystals, branches etc behind the head table where the bride and groom will sit or the wedding party.

2.Cake table

A small table that is decorated to compliment the backdrop where the wedding cake will displayed.

3.Head table

Head table is the main table where the bride and groom will sit for the wedding.


Some traditional hall look wonderful with draping on the ceiling you can also incorporate crystals or for a secret garden theme flower and greenery.


Fabric can be swagged on a banister to improve or enhance the banister. Draping the banister will soften the area.


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Florist near you located in Toronto’s corktown near the financial district
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Mondu if located in Toronto in the corktown district near the finical district. We are the florist near you if you are in our neighborhood. We are happy to put together a beautiful bouquet or a lovely fair trade, organic vase arrangement for you or a gift. We also sell beautiful plants and if we don’t have the plant that you are looking for we will order it in for you.

You can also order flowers on line on our 24 hour store if you can’t make it to our local location on Queen street. We have a wide selection of fresh flowers, plants, gift baskets, silk arrangement and dried arrangements online. We also have  beautiful artistic vases for you to choose from on line and in store.

We love hydrangeas so we always have a good stock of blue, green, purple, white and pink hydrangeas. If we are sold out of the flowers that you want when you are in the store we will get it  for you or make a different suggest to suite your need. Roses of many verity are also in stock in the Toronto store. If you need a specific flower order ahead to ensure you get the flower that you want.

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Event vendors
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So, you have decided to throw a big party for your anniversary but your time to plan the event is limited and you just don’t know where to start. What should you do? Kind a great event planner. An event planner will help you plan your event, keep you on budget and supply you with the right vendors. Here is a list of vendors that will help you make your special day a big success.

Event planner

It takes a lot to plan an event and as i mentioned before a good event planner will help to supply you with the right vendors for your event. A planner will help to keep the event smoothly and on time. A planner can also help to negotiate the best price with the vendors you want to hire. The time line for the day will help to keep the event on time and will help your vendor with approximate time of set up, when the event will start and finish, when dinner starts and finishes, speeches etc..


The right venue can set the stage for your event. If you are having a contemporary event you don’t want to book a space that is traditional because the feel of the event will not be right. If the venue supplies food you won’t need a caterer because the venue will work with you to develop a menu to suit your event. Most venues will also supply table cloths and dinner ware for the event.


Flowers can help to transfer a room and make your event come alive so don’t event think on skipping on the flowers. When you talk to your florist communicate the style and over all feel that you are looking to create for the event and they will create the right floral arrangements for the event. A lot of florist offer rental of vases so if you don’t want to purchase vases consider renting. Event florist will offer a wide selection of item for rent such as chargers, candle holders, napkin holders, table cloths and chair covers.


A photographer will help to capture the special still moments of your special event. Instruct the photographer on what your wishes and expectation are for the day and they will be more that happy to accommodate you. When you sit down with the photographer they will tell you how many pictures you will receive for your budget you have allocated. You should also mention any special request you may have for the day so it is included in the contract.



A videographer will create a creative video of the event, but you should be clear about your expectations. State your whishes’ in the contract to avoid any confusion. It is nice to document the day with a video because you can relive the event.


If the venue doesn’t provide food you will have to hire a caterer to create the menu. The right caterer can make or break an event so make an appointment to taste the menu before agreeing to the menu. You may also have to rent stemware, flat ware and table setting from the caterer as well.

Make up artist

Since it is a special event hire a make up artist to do your s and your family make up if you have the budget. You want to look your best for your guest and be camera ready for the photos and video.

Live band

A live band is a wonderful way to entertain your guest, know your audience taste to keep everyone happy with the selection of music the band will be playing. Make sure that the band doesn’t display any advertising banner to cheapen your event.


A good DJ will help to entertain and liven up the event with music. Create a list of the music you want the DJ to play ahead of time before to go to visit the DJ. You will also have to indicate start and stop time for the music. Some DJ are also the master of ceremonies for events so if this is a task that you require inform the DJ


You may want to rent transportation so decide how you want to travel to and from the event and what form of transportation you want to rent such as, a limousine and carriage, classic Rolls – Royce, buss, luxury Suv

Audio visual

Lighting and sound are very important to you event therefore you will need an expert AV company to help set the ambiance for the event. Some lighting to consider are Up lighting, Texture lighting, pin spot lighting, cake spot lighting, Monogram Lighting, Centerpiece Lighting, Bliss light, Sparkle Trees, Fairy Berries, Pipe and Drape, Lighting, In The Big Picture, Lighting Budgeting,


Décor can include draping of a backdrop, the walls of a room, the ceiling, pillars, head table, cake table, chuppah, Mandap or isle, Chair covers, chargers, napkins, napkin holders, table cloths, table runners, over lays, bow for the chairs and décor accessories.

Sweet table

You may want to hire a pastry chef to create specialty desserts and a sweet table for your guest. Sweet table can include candy in beautiful vases, Don’t forget the candy bags so your guest can take some candy to go.

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Three succulents you can use to create a terrainium
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Here are three succulents that you can use to create a Succulents terrarium. Succulents come in gray, pink, yellow, burgundy, white and more.

1. Echeveria

Echeverias are plants with large oval fleshy leaves. These plants take full sun but can tolerate in-direct sun for a while.


If you want the plant to bloom it will need some sun every day and the plant may produce little of springs with the right amount of sun. In-direct sun can be tolerated.


All succulents prefer a fast-draining potting medium that’s not watered too often.  Allow the soil to dry out between watering.Water every 1 to 2 weeks if placed  in direct sun. Once per month if placed in indirect sun.


Succulents like to be planted in a sand base soil medium.When planting outside use a sand base soil medium so plant does not develop root rot

2. Hawartias

Hawartias are pointy, spikey plants which spiral down the plant. They can be grown as solid green or white and green which is called zebra hawartia. These plants are easy to grow and can be neglected. Like all succulents these plants should not be over watered or allowed to sit in water. Plant the plant in a well drained soil.


Jade or money tree is a thick leave plant with many small leaves on each stems. Many people like these plants because they are easy to care for and they are considered to be a symbol of good luck. These plants can be grown in in-direct sun and should only be watered once per month.



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Wedding flowers
Posted by: webedit on June 6, 2017 | Comments Off on Wedding flowers

Wedding flower season is here if you have not book your wedding flowers yet we are still booking for our 2017 season. We design weddings flowers for small and large events. If you are on a limited budget let us know and we will work with you to design beautiful flowers to suit your needs.

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