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Mondu Floral Design is committed to being a leader in setting trends for contemporary floral design.

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We at Toronto florist Mondu floral design are experts with plant design and concepts. We would be happy to come to your home or business to consult with you to provide the right plants or flowers to suit your decor. You can also shop at our online Toronto flower shop 24 hour a day for fabulous, modern arrangements. We deliver locally in Toronto or internationally. Florist Toronto Mondu floral design plants and floral arrangements  will uplift and space.

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There are many benefits gained from the use of fresh flowers. Plants around the home or office have been proven to provide the following health benefits.

  • They can remove up to 96% of harmful chemicals from the air
  • They can raise humidity levels(approximately 97% of water feed to them is returned to the air)
  • They can lower stress level and reduce headaches by up to 45%
  • They can reduce soar throath and coughs up to 38%
  • They absorb pollutants in the air

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Plants also have psychological effects:

  • Makes room feel more spacious and luxurious
  • Promotes a feeling of calmness and a connection with nature.


The Northeast Chapter of American Horticulture Theraphy Association Inc., notes that “plants are used in hospitals, schools, correctional facilities, community gardens, senior centers, rehabilitation program and other settings because they:

  • Grow and change
  • Respond to care but do not judge
  • Encourage participation – help teach skills
  • Stimulate the senses
  • Rediscover hope – a look to the future.”

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